Great news - Ken Fry who used to organise our Dog Shows has returned and agreed to once again run them for us. This means that we will be presenting a Dog Show at both the Spring and August shows this year as we have done in the past. We hope that all our past competitors will return and enter and make the dog show once again a key event in the wanborough show diary

(To be held under Kennel Club Regulations )

Entry £2.00 per class

Entries from 12 Noon - Judging starts 1pm

Conditions of entry to the Show Ground: Visitors to our Show who are participating in the Dog Show will be charged the proper entrance fee. Tickets to the value of the entry fee will be issued. Handlers may then, (if they choose) use their ticket value as full or part payment for entries to the classes.

No dogs under 6 months. No CC winners. No Reserve CC winners. No bitches in season. No reserve CC winners. No Junior Warrant certificate holders (Pedigree only). Fun is mandatory

Prizes Awarded as Follows:

  • Rosettes to 6th place
  • Best in show
  • Reserve Best
  • Best Puppy
Enquiries: Ken Fry tel. 07584390114
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Judge: Jenny Bromley (Benbeck)
Ring 1 Commencing approx 1.00 p.m
Entry £2.00
No. Class
1. A/V Puppy (6-12 months).
2. A/V Sporting
3. A/V Non – Sporting
4. A/V Open


Judge: Jenny Bromley (Benbeck)
Ring 1 Commencing approx 3.00 p.m
Entry £2.00
No. Class
5. Best Veteran (over 7yrs.)
6. Best Crossbreed.
7. Junior Handling (6-16yrs.)
8. Prettiest Bitch
9. Best Rescue.
10. Best movement.
11. Hansome Dog
12. Dog in Best Condition
13. Most Appealing Eyes
14. Dog the Judge would most like to take home.




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