• Study the schedule of classes here on the website and decide which classes you would like to enter.
  • Class are open to all within the age group, ie. you don't need to live in Wanborough, Liddington, Hinton Parva or Bishopstone.
  • Children are also welcome to enter into any of the 100 Flower and Produce section classes
  • Download the Flower and Produce show entry form and/or the childrens entry form and fill in the classes you want to enter


  • Send or drop off your Entry Form to the address on the form before the close time (7pm Wednesday 17th August)
  • If you choose to enter both the Children's Section and put something in the Flower & Produce Show please complete an entry form for both.


  • Bring along your exhibit(s) to the Marquee between 8am and 10:30am on Show Day allowing yourself time to stage your produce or exhibit(s)
  • On arrival at the Marquee register your name with the ‘Meet and Greet’ Team who will give you your entry nos to display on your exhibit(s)
  • Stewards will be on hand to help and give advice if needed
  • Return later, after judging is completed, to enjoy the Show and see whether you have a prize card beside your exhibit(s)
  • Collect your exhibits after 4.30pm or leave them for the Produce Auction

Judges: Joanna and Tony Hales

Entries are open to All

  • Perpetual Challenge Cups:
  • Highest Points under 5 Years
  • Highest Overall Points 5-7 years
  • Highest Points 8-11 year
  • Highest Points 11+
  • Shield for Highest Points Overall
  • Janine Brown Award for Effort and Participation in the Wanborough Show


  1. Names to be attached or written on REVERSE side of entry.
  2. Age to be indicated on face of exhibit.
  3. One entry only in each class, entirely the work of one individual child.
  4. Please adhere to schedule rules in order to avoid the disappointment of disqualification.


Please Note: This year in support of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts - If you choose an entry marked with ∆ This entry will qualify towards your craft badge. We hope you enjoy the entry choices this year.

Completed Children's entry forms to be sent to Dee Brooker, 4 The Witheys, Wanborough.

or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 by 7pm Wednesday16th August 2017.

Any Enquiries, call Dee Brooker on 07966 533117 or  Rachel Bowley on 01793 792978

Entries to be staged between 8:45 a.m. and 10.45 a.m. on Show Day. after which time there will be no admission to the marquee until 2.00 p.m. while judging is taking place.

Presentation of the Cups will be in the main arena around 3pm. Please would prize winners be available at this time. Prize money can be collected after 4:00pm Exhibits may be collected after 4:30pm, any remaining after 5:00pm will be disposed of.

All Challenge Cups awarded in 2016 to be returned to Dee Brooker by 30th July 2017.

No. Class Description
1 Create a musical instrument from junk materials - Be as imaginative and creative as you wish. Maximum size 30cm x 30cm
2 Biscuit faces – make 6 fabulous faces using biscuits covered in icing and make your faces with smarties, sultanas, chocolate drops and so on.
3 Make a tree picture using hand prints. Use any colour paint you fancy.


No. Class Description
4 Woodland animals - Using Rice crispies/cornflakes or other types of breakfast cereal and melted chocolate - make some tasty woodland animals. Decorate with chocolate chips/raisins etc to make eye and so on, Please make upto 4 animals maximum.
5 ∆ Design a hanging ornament for the garden using natural materials. This could be a wind chime or other decorative piece (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts - this will go towards your craft badge)
6 Using the theme of "Under the Sea" - make us an imaginative picture using mixed media - perhaps with a pirate and his treasure or a mermaid basking on the rocks. Max size A3
7 Create a "Beach in a Bucket" - using the theme of summer and holiday fun. Max bucket sixe 30cm diameter
8 Using junk materials - construct a funky house you would love to live in - use items such as cardboard boxes, toilet rolls, plastic cartons etc. Max size 50cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 30cm (D)


No. Class Description
9 ∆ Mosaic art - Decorate an artefact using mosaics. Use materials such as tiles, broken crokery,shells etc. You can use hardboard/corkboard to create a pictire or coasters or even use a terracotta plant pot to show off your design.’
10 Using the theme of "The Egyptians" - make a 3-Dimensional mokel out of cake. Spong or other types of cake can be used. decorate it in a style to bring out the theme. Maximum size 30cm x 30cm x 30cm
11 Create a picture in mixed media to capture the the colours of a sunset in a desert or on a sun drenched island. Use a range of materials such as paint, collage, wax or sand... Maximum size A3
12 Make some yummy cheese straws using our recipe below. Please display 8 for the judges to try.

Handwriting - Present your handwriting as a piece of old english script using calligraphy on a piece of parchment - Using the Poem featured here (the parchment can be made by staining white paper with cold tea and leaving it to dry) Maximum size A4

14 Design and make a photo frame inspired bay and using natural products to fit a 7" x 5" photograph.
15 Create a "Beach in a bucket" - Using the theme of summer and holiday fun. Maximum bucket size 30cm diameter


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