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steam-engineThe Wanborough Show carnival procession has a long history with references to a procession through the village at the Wanborough Feast at the turn of thje last century. See our history page for details.

We have records of the 1st Revival of the Wanborough Carnival being in 1942. At the start of the war, the local girls who were interested in becoming the Carnival Queen sold programmes for Wings for Victory parade, the girl who sold the most programmes became the ‘Queen’ and this was Mary Hewer.

The carnival continued for many years, the queen being chosen at the beginning of Show Week and her attendants, many of who still live in the village. At its peak in the 60's the procession filled the whole of Kite Hill causing traffic jams back to the Horpit Cross Roads and up Callas Hill. Sadly due to a decline of interest the Carnival finally died in the early 80's.

biplaneThe 2nd Revival took place for the Millinium year. Cathy Ballard and Sue Ripley decided that as a mark to the years gone by it would be a great idea to have a 1 off procession to mark the Millennium. Linda Hunt volunteered to help, and between the 3 and many willing helpers managed to get the Procession up and running and off the ground. The Carnival Prince and Princess are now selected at the Primary School Fete and the rest as they say is history!


Since it was reintroduced the event has steadily grown. It now closely represents what it must have been like in those early days with entries coming from primarily local Businesses, Organisations, families and individuals. This is now the 13th year and we are looking for a better entry than ever. This however, needs your support, the carnival procession is a real family event so why not join us and have some fun!


First reintroduced in 2000 as a ‘one off’ Millennium affair, the Carnival has survived to this day. BUT its not a given: if we don’t get sufficient interest, there won’t be one.


Simply by taking part!

If you need a vehicle, we have the contacts. Your vehicle could be anything (road legal) that you choose.

This could be a motorised float, a walking float, an interesting vehicle or anything that adds to the occasion.

You’ll need a theme, maybe. Anything will do, but the main thing is to have fun, fun, fun.

Drum up enthusiasm at your workplace, your street/road, your club, your Facebook friends, get a group together of similar minded people and be creative. Be prepared to have FUN!

Many commercial enterprises are willing to lend vehicles: we don’t mind a bit of advertising or product placement: rumour has it that Richard Branson may make an appearance in a cardboard model of a Virgin Airways Jumbo. (I might have imagined that bit).

We also have contacts that can bring trailers if you have an idea and are stuck. If you need a vehicle, we have the contacts. Your vehicle could be anything (road legal) that you choose.

So, get your thinking caps on and ask Linda 790673 or Sue 791593 for an entry form.

Small print

There are a few rules and elf and safety guidelines: these form part of the application form and are all very sensible. Very sensible indeed!



Trade and Organisation's Floats

Fancy Dress and Children's Categories

Prizes for the Best entries!!

Assemble 11am at the Harrow Inn on Show Day


Please download and read the carnival entrants guidelines and enjoy a safe and fun carnival


Entry Categories

  • Best Adult Motorised Float
  • Best Child Motorised Float
  • Best Adult Walker (Single/Group)
  • Best Child Walker (Single)
  • Best Child Walker (Group)

Entry to the Show Field is free for all participants
One adult accompanying child walker entries will also be admitted free

for more information contact Sue: 791593 or Linda: 790673

The Procession Departs from the Harrow Inn at 12 noon

Gather in the Pub Carpark from 11:00am. Judging at 11:30am

Entry Tickets for the Show ground will be on sale, buy here to avoid delay atthe show gate

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